Bangalore HPE team goes quiet across June

Bangalore, India houses a wide swath of technology hubs. Hewlett-Packard operates an outpost in the engineer-heavy town. The link to the city’s engineering runs back to 1995 for HPE customers like OpenVMS and MPE/iX users.

Since the end of May, it appears to some VMS customers that the Bangalore emails are going unanswered.

John Reinhardt reports from the VMS newsgroup. “It’s been several weeks since I or my customers have received any email communications from the HPE Customer Labs in Bangalore. This is despite direct email requests by me and indirect email requests from my customers.” Reinhardt’s customers are trying to renew their OpenVMS EDU licenses with HPE.
“The last communication my customers received was spontaneously generated and sent on May 16, 2020. Reinhardt says, “It’s an ‘Important: Availability of Java and OE .ISO for OpenVMS’ email.”  The email sits in the boxes of former HPE OpenVMS EDU license program subscribers.

Where OpenVMS support lives

Bangalore is HPE’s primary OpenVMS hub for support. HPE standard support for OpenVMS/I64 concludes December 31. HPE’s OpenVMS Customer labs began issuing the final OpenVMS EDU license kits in March. The licenses expire Jan. 1, 2022.
Rod Regier also confirms, “it’s been several weeks since I or my customers have received any email communications from the HPE Customer Labs in Bangalore.”

A new outlet

Today, HPE support of OpenVMS is provided through the resources of VMS Software, Inc. VSI is the endpoint for support questions and issues. The HPE support contracts for OpenVMS expire at the end of 2020.
During the 1990s, HP’s history with Bangalore engineering started with HP 3000. As the MPE/iX database team evolved, Bangalore engineering came to the fore. Lab transitions are part of the vendor’s approach to a legacy OS. Bangalore is the predecessor to the new VMS Software Inc. support labs in Bolton, Mass.
“There was a time when our entire database lab was in Cupertino,” HP manager Jim Sartain said during the MPE/iX cutover.  “We didn’t have a Bangalore lab. Now we’ve added a sizable Bangalore lab. It’s just that people don’t know who those people are, and don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t have that personal relationship.”

Image by Zeitfaktor from Pixabay

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