Database doors get opened by CONNX

Legacy customers take many forms, but they usually have one thing in common. They need to keep legacy data relevant and available for applications and data warehouses throughout enterprises. Harpal Gill is VP of the CONNX Group at Software AG. With legacy servers moving ever-deeper into the realm of carriers of crucial data, we wanted a data delivery update from him.

Since 1989, CONNX has been providing simplified data access to RMS and RDB databases. It launched with connectivity for RMS and expanded to over 150 databases. CONNX started as an API before becoming a full-featured gateway to SQL standards. OpenVMS data sources like RDB can link to common tools such as Excel.

The CONNX SQL engine links Web services and Java applications across a wide array of relational and non-relational data sources simultaneously. CONNX  helps companies bypass things like a data federation server in mixed-platform environments. Enterprises more easily deploy applications that store data on a wide variety of servers.

What challenges do you see among your customers in the HP, DEC, and Solaris markets you serve? What’s starting to emerge that’s relevant for an IT director to watch?

The challenges come in a couple of flavors. One is the need for standard connectivity to modern applications. That’s typically via ODBC, JDBC, .NET, or OLE DB connections, all of which CONNX provides for over 150 databases.

The second is the ability to move data and do Change Data Capture (CDC). Typically CDC doesn’t exist, so CONNX has created a proprietary technology to solve this challenge.

When I talk about BI and analytics, the latest solutions from QLIK, Tableau, or PowerBI or many others require access to these legacy databases. These BI and analytic solutions help companies understand their business and make better decisions. On the data warehouse side, we are seeing many new players like Snowflake in the cloud. We help customers employ these tools by using our DataSync solutions to help move legacy data to over 150 target databases.

Rdb is the proprietary database in wide use among the VAX and Itanium HPE customers. What’s the widest slice of support for your products?

Our VAX support is for RMS, RDB, Codasyl, and DBMS.  The majority of our customers are on RMS. We have worked with over 8,000 OpenVMS customers. Our customers range from banking, insurance, manufacturing, telcos, hospitals, and many governments around the world.

We’ve worked with Capita IRG, Carphone Warehouse, Societe Generale, Bombardier Aerospace, ALD Automotive, Tilbury Cement, Dierre Spa, Tata Steel, Experian, RBS, Orange Telco, Commerzbank. Also, ADL Systems, Aetna, GE, Miller Coors, and 120-plus educational institutions.

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

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