ERP futures wired tightly to enterprise ownership

A long path that’s carrying legacy MPE shops into the new decade will get a fresh trail. Starting in May of 2020, the MANMAN application will slip off the product list at Infor, owners of the application.

Infor is not the creator of MANMAN, though. Computer Associates bought MANMAN from ASK Solutions in the 1990s. Another owner emerged to take MANMAN farther from its roots. Finally, Infor plucked the app off of the heap of software at Global Solutions. A good eight years elapsed where MANMAN was in no danger of losing its vendor support.

This coming year, the OpenVMS and MPE datacenters running this ERP app must take more ownership of this mission-critical software. Infor’s support ends in May. The know-how to fix bugs is going to fall into the community’s lap, if they can share what they know.

There’s a user group that’s pledged to help maintain that connection. The CAMUS user society recently said they plan to keep their doors open without an end date.

“We intend to be a resource repository for software, hardware, education for as long as we can. The Board of Directors meets about 8 times a year. We hold a general business meeting open to all members once a year, with our Listserv available any time. Members have access to other member profiles.”

That connection between legacy application managers can solve some genuine problems. One ERP manager said they’re missing some source code modules, even though they hold a license to every module. Infor’s not organized to simply send source code to a customer. The alternative is to find it from a fellow user. CAMUS is likely to help with that exchange, either formally — or informally, by keeping users connected.

MANMAN has been driving MPE manufacturing for more than 40 years. The next year will define application ownership in new terms. Having a connection makes that ownership easier to evolve.

Photo by Mukil Menon on Unsplash

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