Feeling Good About OpenVMS

by: Chris Brown

Part of my job is to read publications, articles & blogs on technology and the directions it is going in. I recently came across this article On premises vs. cloud: The major similarities and differences and it got me thinking.

The article does not come up with a recommendation, suggesting instead that there is no “one size fits all” solution and your selection depends on your requirements and selection criteria. As OpenVMS moves closer to a production X86 deployment, these particular discussions become more relevant to us, and we see issues faced by the Linux and Windows community are actually now our issues as well.

This is actually rather a smug position to be in! I left HP and OpenVMS in 2009 and the death knell was being sounded for the operating system then. I remember the final management meeting hosted at Ann McQuaid´s house, where we said our goodbyes, and to all intents and purposes said goodbye to OpenVMS as well.

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