Giving thanks for continued legacy support

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Companies which rely on legacy operating systems have enough to give thanks for this year. There are suppliers of virtualized hardware, as well as software to keep the factory running and get workers paid. There’s a way to give back, right now. The means to keep the table set is support contracts.

It can be difficult to fruitless to keep a support agreement in place with a vendor who’s not actually supporting an OS. MPE/iX and Tru64 sites are in that spot. Tru64 drifted into Mature support in 2013. Nothing is in place at all for MPE/iX at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

However, OpenVMS users will have OS support from VMS Software, Inc. That’s more than the other two OS’s got in the HP exit from their markets. MPE/iX independent providers got source code licensed to seven selected vendors.

The kind of support that matters this year is the support for applications, as well as contracts with companies like Pivital Solutions in the MPE/iX world or VSI for OpenVMS. These kinds of support companies, as well as the application software vendors, keep the lights on and the answers at hand. Many of them have decades of customer experience.

Software becomes outdated when there’s no current reports of its use, the kind of information that leads to workarounds. In the case of the apps, patches are developed when a fix could aid more than a single customer. Keeping a support contract paid-up is a way to give back to fellow users of your OS. We’re all in this together when we preserve our legacy investment.

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