HP moves enterprise support, seeks buyouts

Bob Chase, a former engineer for HP’s enterprise support team, reports that the entire HP Enterprise Server Support Team “working overnights has been laid off from HP.” That support team services systems include contracts on Integrity servers. Those are the only systems that can run OpenVMS on current native HP chips. Stromasys has virtual servers than can also host OpenVMS, emulating the VAX and Alpha designs.

VMS Systems Inc. is in initial rollout of its OpenVMS for Intel x86-64 processor.

Chase says the support positions have been shipped to India.

It’s not the first time HP has reduced its support staff for enterprise systems. This also happened under former CEO Carly Fiorina.

Other former support team members call these “Cost oriented workforce reductions.”

“They are to be expected and are happening all over the company,” says one former staffer. Operations in Houston have taken major hits, says one source.

The HP 3000 community has an offshoring incident in its history. In 1995, six years before HP halted its MPE/iX futures, a North American development group became an Indian group. Indian engineers in Bangalore were regular speakers at the 3000 conferences of the 1990s.

Those HP changes of the 1990s were not customer-facing. The Bangalore team was developing MPE/iX and adding features.

HP retirement and pension adjustments

In a separate action that seems a part of the reductions, HP is setting up 15-minute briefings with employees about retirement buyouts. Equitable, which manages the retirement and pension funds, is reaching out to the retirees in a “time-sensitive matter.”

“If you were awarded a pension during your employment at HP, EDS, or DEC, you might have been informed that HP will be offering pension buyouts for their former employees.”

“As independent financial planners and advisors who have carved a niche in the pension space, we would like to schedule a brief conference call,” says financial consultant Christopher Diratsouian. His open letter asks to “further discuss the relevant details of the pension buyout, the different alternate options, and other investment opportunities.”

The HP and DEC pensions are not being adjusted without consent of the retirees. Elections for changes must be complete by July 15.

Image by ronaldo from Pixabay

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