HPE sends Discover into a virtual edition

HP Discover, the annual conference organized by HP and supported by the user group Connect, is going virtual on June 23. The event traces its roots to the OpenVMS community. Hewlett-Packard organized a user group event to compete with the Interex user conference in 2005. The DEC user group Encompass supported the new HP show, creating content to go along with HP’s sales meetings and the commerce of selling exhibitor space.

Interex suffered as a result of the HP-mounted show that year, losses that some reports say contributed to the user group’s bankruptcy that year. Digital users and Encompass stuck close to the new HP show.

The first HP-led show scuffled to find a safe footing in 2005, resetting itself to Orlando after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the New Orleans site for the show. The evolution of what was first called the HP Technology Forum gave the vendor openings to gather salesforce executives for product training. Certification on HP technology became a big part of the HP Discover experience.

The show has been hosted in Las Vegas since 2006, but the COVID crisis has pushed Discover onto the Web. Thirty-eight sessions in the June 23 show cover cloud computing strategies. Cloud is one of the most likely overlaps for legacy OS managers. VSI’s latest OpenVMS early adopter release for x86 runs in an Oracle Cloud this week.

Legacy technology does not appear in the Discover session lineup. In years past, OpenVMS and even MPE/iX sessions were part of the content organized by HP 3000 and Alpha customers and volunteers. In the manner of current IT education, OS-specific talks are no longer part of Discover.

However, for the legacy system manager who’s still using HP Enterprise branded technology, Discover offers opportunities in storage, virtualization, and more. The registration process takes about 10 minutes and includes some offers to connect after the event. Sharing an attendee’s name with the list of sponsors is also an option. Some of the contact is mandatory, depending on the kind of Discover activity.

Attendees who attend a partner sponsor session or demo at Discover, or any related VIP Program event, consent to having their contact details shared with that partner sponsor.

Attendees must register with a corporate email address. That means that all those gmail.com addresses won’t pass.


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