Large Disk patch extends 3000 storage options

The Large Disk patch for MPE/iX 7.5 continues to be available from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It expands the usable area of a 3000 disk up to 512GB. The patch is necessary to utilize any 146-GB and 300-GB disks with an HP badge on them.

Without the patch, HP 3000s are limited to much smaller and older disks. The patch’s scope is limited to MPE/iX 7.5 and the work is no small feat, literally and figuratively. Without it, HP 3000s can only boot up drives of 300 GB or smaller.

In an HP paper on the enhancement, engineer Jim Hawkins says it’s been a long time since any limits got lifted for disks on the 3000. The Large Disk team moved the limits a long way out after that long hiatus.

The last major initiative to address disks size was done in MPE XL 4.0 for support of disks larger than 4 GB. These changes were done to address an approximately ten times (10x) increase in disk from 404-670 MB to 4.0 GB disks. In 2005 with MPE/iX 7.5, MPE/iX users got a 100x size change (4.0 GB to more than 300 GB) over what had been possible in MPE XL 4.0.

Hawkins’ detailed article notes that 3000 sites who want to use HP’s 146 GB and 300 GB Disk modules ought to consider installing these patches. Customers who might have MPE Groups or Accounts which use more than 100,000,000 sectors — that’s bigger than about 24 GB — also find the patches useful.

Goodwill and common sense prevailed to keep patches like this in the toolbelt for 3000 managers. All patches were made available, without needing any support contract, after HP closed out its official support lab for MPE/iX. A diligent independent support company can point a manager at the right HP process to obtain these patches.

HP advises installing all of these patches at the same time using Patch/iX. The Large Disk Patches are:

• MPEMXT3 — SCSI Disk Driver Update
• MPEMXT4 — SSM Optimization (>87 GB)

Image by pixel1 from Pixabay

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