Legacy ecosystems add independent partners

The depth of resources in a legacy ecosystem is not measured in just the tent-pole players. For the Tru64, MPE/iX, and OpenVMS customers, the biggest tent pole was HP. The corporation was only known as HP while Tru64 and MPE customers were under that tent. Later on, HP Enterprise was the main pole when OpenVMS drifted out of the creating vendor’s tent.

Companies make up a customer base, and companies are also members of the serving ecosystem. That’s why it’s so important to have many companies working together. In the earliest days of their legacy computing ecosystems, HP and Digital wanted to provide every element of the experience. The value got much better for customers when the diversity arrived.

A healthy ecosystem can show off a partner map. Groups of companies collected on a single PowerPoint slide, demonstrating the breadth of innovation and support. VMS Software Inc (VSI) has a map like this. One partner in particular provides many services.

Logicalis works with a significant number of OpenVMS customers, and as far back as 2018 it was already a VSI Authorized Reseller Partner. System management services, integration of devices and systems, as well as project management are part of the Logicalis lineup.

VSI was doing its best to make sure the ecosystem for OpenVMS was running through the VSI channel. The ecosystem becomes based on the operating environment, rather than just the vendor who created the system.

So even though HPE has been pulling its plug out of VMS, VSI is breathing new life into OpenVMS. “Logicalis sees a future-proofed path for users of the beloved OS,” it reported. “As a VSI Authorized Reseller Partner, Logicalis can provide the complete VSI product and services offerings for your OpenVMS environment. ”

It’s a great sign of ecosystem health when independent companies resell the technology and services of other indendents. Not all legacy systems are so fortunate to have outside business interest in the years after the system creators make an exit.

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