Legacy HP resources remain live at Fresche Solutions

For many years, Hewlett-Packard built up HP 3000 lore and software at a website known as Jazz. It was named after Jerri Ann Smith (JAS) the lab member who created the first web-based MPE/iX resource from the vendor. This resource of papers and programs written for the MPE/iX manager is at a web address at Fresche Solutions’ website. Fresche was once Speedware, a company that licensed use of all the Jazz contents—help first compiled by HP in the 1990s.

HP’s has flipped off the switch for its Community Forum. These were less-trafficked webpages where advice lived for 3000s and MPE. Donna Hofmeister, a former director of the OpenMPE advocacy group, noted that an HP Enterprise moderator said those forums would be shut down with immediate effect.

“I discovered this little bit of unhappiness:
7/31 – Forum: Operating Systems – MPE/iX

Information to all members that we will retire the Operating Systems – MPE/iX forum and all boards end of business today.

“As far as I can tell,” she said,  “all MPE information from the forum is no longer accessible!  I’m not happy that no public announcement was made.If you can demonstrate differently, that would be great!”

A brief bout of searching  revealed at least some archived questions and answers at the HPE website about the 3000. For example, there’s a Community post about advice for using the DAT 24x6e Autoloader with MPE/iX. It’s useful to have an HP Passport account login (still free) to be able to read such things.

The amount of information has been aging, and nothing seems to be new since 2011. It wasn’t always this way; HP used to post articles on MPE/iX administration with procedural examples.

Photo by Johan Taljaard on Unsplash

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