Legacy shows the way to move in COVID times

Earlier this month, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced it’s moving its world headquarters from California to Texas. While HPE will shuffle thousands of jobs halfway across the US to save money for its shareholders, a legacy tech vendor is taking a different path.

VMS Software Inc. reports it’s going to maintain its work-from-home policy. VSI is practicing rules beginning with our viral times this year. VSI tech wizards and experts also enjoy a salary lift because of another change to its compensation plan.

VSI’s HR director says VSI is now basing its HQ in a nearby state so employees avoid a salary tax. The result gives the people who create the new OpenVMS an effective 5 percent bump.

“Initially,” says Nicole Hart, “there were challenges and setting up employees with the correct technology so that collaboration on development continues. During this technology transformation, we learned that our employees adapted to the changes. Our business was not impacted on the development of RD. In some cases we have seen an uptick in collaboration using Microsoft Teams to enhance our meetings.”

HPE, in contrast, expects savings it’s passing on to shareholders once it moves tens of thousands of employees from California to Texas. During a pandemic, that’s a bad move that will probably cost employees their health, and perhaps their lives in some cases.

Even California HPE employees who won’t leave the state will have to make moves. An HPE quarterly financial release says the company will consolidate a number of sites in the Bay Area to its San Jose campus.

A safer move

VSI met another next challenge: how to have employees collect their personal items safely during the pandemic. Floor maps play a role to set up an eight-week move-out schedule. “Hart says, “Employees could come in collect their items, with no more than eight workers in the building dispersed for social distancing. Our VMS employees are very collaborative and honored the set schedule.”

VSI commits to remain 100 percent remote and continues to evaluate the need for space. The vendor who’s making a new future for OpenVMS “understands that when you are a technology company, building software, you can continue to deliver the same services from anywhere and ensure customer satisfaction.”

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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