MPE maven Charles Finley dies at 70

Charles Finley, whose career in the HP 3000 community spanned eras from powerful regional user group conferences to trusted HP reseller status, then led to new success as a migration maven, has died at age 70.

Finley built a reputation with the community from his first steps in the Southern California 3000 market. Buoyed by the remarkable manufacturing community in the area, by the middle 1980s he was operating the ConAm reseller and worked to establish the Southern California Regional User Group. SCRUG hosted conferences successful enough in scope to rival those from Interex.

Finley also played an essential part in founding an invitation-only MPE developer conference. It uses a novel format, the un-conference, to deliver information that otherwise won’t be presented if only one person is in charge of the agenda. In the early times for groundbreaking tech, the 3000 community had a forum to explore new choices.

“Things people overlook like NT, Linux, and VMware receive notice, because one person in the group happens to notice it and thinks it is important,” he once said. “The rest of us benefitted by it.”

Once HP curtailed its 3000 business futures, Finley evolved the ConAm reseller business into Transformix, owned and operated with his wife Deborah. She assumes the post of president of a firm that deploys a migration suite for carrying applications from MPE/iX and other legacy environments onto new platforms, especially Linux.

Finley was a Vietnam-era Marine Corps veteran. His widow said the CEO of Transformix delivered his skill and innovation with a duty to the work and the customer.

“Charles was unsurpassed in his passion for the business, his drive for perfection and professionalism, and his commitment to the integrity of customer relationships,” Mrs. Finley said. “I saw that every day in the way he spoke about his work.”

“This is both a personal and professional loss for many of the people who have known and loved him. Everyone who knew Charles regarded him as a man devoted to his family, his employees, his customers, and his friends.”

The company now in her management is an integration, reseller, and consulting organization. It specializes in migration of legacy systems to current hardware and software.

Finley became a significant resource in the migration community. While outlining differences between legacy migration, modernization, and transformation, his experience smoothed the way for legacy applications to use modern technology stacks, including Java.

“If you have a PostgreSQL database already, you can generate a working Java web application in minutes using the CUBA-Platform. Moreover, you can do this without knowing any Java! Professional developers and ‘citizen developers’ can use the platform for development.”

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