Newest Sparc emulation captures virtual environments

Virtual environment (VE) licensing is now a part of the latest release of Charon-SSP. VE is running with VMware and additional cloud vendors, according to Charon’s vendor Stromasys.

The version 5.0 of Charon-SSP accommodates more versions of Solaris, including 11.4. SRU 33 of 11.4 was released in mid-May.

The VE licensing model, designed and implemented by Stromasys, offers flexible individual cloud installations or preconfigured images on selected marketplaces.

“We’re thrilled to offer this update as IT departments continue to shift their operations to the cloud,” said Stromasys’ CEO John Prot. “As our most popular product, SSP offers what our customers need: more options to modernize legacy IT infrastructure.”

Oracle will continue maintaining Solaris 11 for its customers through November 2034. The support has included frequent, stable release updates, sometimes monthly. The ongoing Solaris 11.4 SRUs are focused on security fixes but have sometimes included newer, or more secure, versions of the freeware that’s always been at the heart of Solaris.

For example, Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU20, addressing security issues, has updates to sudo, WireShark, Tomcat, Firefox, PHP, Thunderbird, and OpenJPEG, among other packages.

The latest SRU 33 includes additional checks for the Enterprise Health Check compliance(8) benchmark. Oracle says that the Enterprise Health Check benchmark can be installed by installing the package ehc-solaris policy.

The new checks focus on the package infrastructure. Additional checks look for use of packages that are marked as legacy. Chris Beal, senior principal software engineer at Oracle, reports that legacy defines “something that should not be relied upon, as it may be removed in a future SRU.”

Photo by Ivan Cujic from Pexels

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