Open Source Call for OpenVMS gains traction

On May 21, the Open Source on OpenVMS Conference Call took place early in the USA day. The 8 AM EDT start hopes to attract more participation, and indeed, one new volunteer is participating after the meeting during the month of April.

Meanwhile, organizer and ringleader Bill Pedersen continue to report on group activity at The mission these volunteers accept is to bring open source tools to the OpenVMS world. A similar project took place from inside HP in the 199os with the HP 3000.

Pedersen says he has downloaded Samba I64 4.6.5E from the VMS Software Inc. (VSI) open source site, listed below. His plans are to install Samba under HPE’s OpenVMS 8.4. This version supports clustering.

Although the working group studies projects to move open source tools to OpenVMS, other issues show up. Pedersen is also looking at OpenVMS Hobbyist Licensing concerns. “I have initiated a query to HPE OpenVMS Customer Support to determine what we can do to help make sure PAKs continue to be available,” he says. “No progress here, and the current Hobbyist licenses will expire 1 January 2021, unless we can develop some relationship to support beyond that time.”

VSI has announced its Community Licensing program to replace the HPE Hobbyist Licensing program. “Community Licensing has no specific details,” Pedersen says, “other than to be in place before the end of the year.”

This month, the conference call is hosted by Jouk Jansen, who has offered a conference server using one of his company’s servers. Heading to will deliver users at the May call.

The VMS Software Inc. open source toolkits are available at

Access Information:
Username: OPENKITS
Password: VSI#14kits <case sensitive=””>
IP Address:
Protocol : sftp</case sensitive>

Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

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