Open source for VMS sets April meeting date

On March 19, the movement to port open source tools for OpenVMS usability held its scheduled meeting. Linking the experts and volunteers remains a challenge. It’s been a common problem to make time for work when a global virus emergency is washing over workplaces.

A March 19 Skype meeting went on as planned. Those on the call kept their place in line, rather than advancing. “There as not much to report from last time,” says Bill Pedersen, the leader of the open source movement. ” I have been fighting issues with my day job, as well as the STEM program getting pulled around by the COVID-19.”

The group did “make a bit more progress with starting to work on a test program we have in the works for the filename translation interface of the Gnulib helper library. We are still looking for folks to help with testing and code review and such.”

Gnulib components are shared at the source level. That’s different from a library that is built, installed, then linked against. The Free Software Foundation explains, “there is no distribution tarball; the idea is to copy files from Gnulib into your own source tree.

Next conference call is 11 PM EDT April 16. The calls occur in off-hours to accommodate regular work schedules. That call at 11 in the evening becomes an 8 PM call on the Pacific Coast. “I wonder if we might get more folks involved with the call,” Pederson says, ” considering this self-isolation, and looking for something to do.”

The source working group will meet over Zoom, the go-to during the isolation era. Pedersen says he’ll forward agenda details soon. Installing Zoom on a laptop, or downloading an app for a mobile device, is a good way to prepare for the April 16 meeting.

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