OpenVMS nudges onward to open source tools

John Malmberg provided updates on his progress on gnuLIB Assist library. Discussion of issues seen and ongoing effort as well as how we might move forward with more assistance. He moved forward significantly with his improvements with significant reduction in the number of failing tests.

Jouk Jansen has been helping shake out some issues in the GNUlib Assist. Now working on ACCESS… Working on an InfoServer based upon SIMH and InfoServer VAX emulations. Working to integrate Ansible as the configuration tool. Jansen has successfully configured a Raspberry Pi based SIMH InfoServer. This will help his efforts in having configuration control.

We are STILL looking for people to be involved with testing and any other portion of the program. You do not need to be a super coder.

VSI has announced a modification of their “Community Licensing” program to replace the the HPE Hobbyist Licensing program. This will make the program more flexible and similar to the former HPE program.

VSI has released SAMBA V4.10-16a! This is less than a YEAR since release by SAMBA.ORG!

VSI has released Python 3.8-2 and other updates to Open Source.

The VMS Software Inc Open Source kits are available here:

Username: OPENKITS
Password: VSI#14kits — Case Sensitive
IP Address:
Protocol : sftp


VSI has also provided web access to some their library of Open Source:


Upcoming conference call dates AND TIMES:
Thursdays (Eastern US Time):

  19 Aug 2021 at 23:00 EDT
  16 Sep 2021 at 08:00 EDT
  21 Oct 2021 at 23:00 EDT

The conference calls use JITSI, which does all of the processing through the web browser. We have tested with Firefox, Edge, and Chrome on Windows and Chome/Chromium on Linux. We do not plan on using video… Although we may share items from desktops… Thanks to Jouk Jansen for providing this facility to our community!

To attend the conference call:

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