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OpenVMS History, Facts, Etc.

– VMS/OpenVMS Timeline

OpenVMS for the Beginner

– OpenVMS FAQ – OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It contains answers to frequently asked questions about HP’s OpenVMS operating system and the computer platforms on which it runs.

– OpenVMS Hobbyist Page (DFWUG)
This is where you need to go to get your hobbyist license and find out all the information you need to get started.

– OpenVMS Beginners FAQ
A little dated, David Mathog’s OpenVMS Beginners FAQ is a nice place to get started on learning about OpenVMS.


– OpenVMS Hobbyist License Registration
– The OpenVMS Hobbyist FAQ
– Hobbyist License Terms and Conditions
– The OpenVMS Hobbyist Guide – The Alpha Kit (.pdf)
– The OpenVMS Hobbyist Guide – The VAX Kit (.pdf)


– OpenVMS Educational License Program
– Campuswide Software License Grant (CSLG)


– Getting Started With OpenVMS: A Guide for New Users
– OpenVMS System Management Guide, 2nd


– comp.os.vms – let them know you’re a beginner and they will jump to help