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– OpenVMS Wizard (an archive of questions and answers)
– OpenVMS to Itanium� FAQ
– Itanium and x86 with 64-bit Extensions on AMD64 and Xeon EM64T FAQ
– OpenVMS Beginner’s FAQ
– HTTP Server FAQ at OSU
– VMS Perl FAQ (unofficial)
– VMS Programming FAQ
– Systems and Operations Support FAQ (2003)

How-to’s, Guides, Tutorials:

Compaq Mail and Messaging Newsletter archives and tips
Colin Butcher’s hpug uk presentations
Robert Gezelter’s consolidated presentations (DECUS, CETS, HPETS, et.al)
Phil’s VMS Tutorial
Resources for old Digital Equipment Corporation gear
VMS Tuning – Rules of Thumb
VMS Documentation Links
WASD – Documentation, scripts and other resources
ComminigatePro on OpenVMS
Using perl under gnv (bash) 
Using python under gnv (bash) 
Using java under gnv (bash)

Ask the Wizard:

Has a great listing of hundreds of questions and answers in list form.
Javascript Version
Non-Javascript Version


DCL Dialogue Online
hp OpenVMS Technical Journal