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General Resources

OpenVMS Technical Journal

HP StorageWorks on OpenVMS Portal

CCSS Corp.
Specialists in OpenVMS system management and training. Supporting VAX and Alpha systems.

Computing.Net – OpenVMS Forum
A web forum focused on OpenVMS.

DEC Material
Documentation and utility source code for VAXstation 2000, VAXstation 3100, and Q-bus. Includes source code for PGP and Wget.

DECUServe Journals
Archive of DEC conference notes.

DECwindows User’s Guide
Manual for the DECwindows system.

DJE Systems VMS Archive
Conceptual articles on the structure and use of FreeVMS and OpenVMS.

OpenVMS-like operating system, to run on several architectures: Alpha, i386, and PPC. POSIX kernel and DCL command line interpreter. Only architecture now supported: i386.

VMS only runs on VAX and Alpha processors. FreeVMS is intended for Alpha, i386+, PowerPC, SPARC; coded in C, according to VMS system specifications, but temporarily based on Linux kernel. [Open Source, GPL]

Hewlett Packard: OpenVMS Systems
Product information, FAQs and online documentation for OpenVMS.

Info-VAX Mailing List Archives
Archives from 1996-present.

Jeff Cameron’s Open VMS pages
VMS optimization, DCL programming tricks and guides to managing VAX/VMS.

Resources for OpenVMS on the Web.

Montagar Software Concepts
Specializes in providing consulting and products for Digital’s OpenVMS VAX and Alpha/AXP platforms. OpenVMS
Introduction to VMS and OpenVMS operating systems: brief clear descriptions, links, user groups, books.

Open VMS for Itanium almost ready to roll
Hewlett Packard announce the availability of OpenVMS 8.1 for Itanium based systems.

OpenVMS Certification Tests
Interactive quizzes for the OpenVMS certification.

OpenVMS Educational Licenses
Information on OpenVMS licenses for schools.

OpenVMS Hobbyist Program
A program that enables OpenVMS enthusiasts to obtain OpenVMS Operating System Licenses and over 100 OpenVMS layered products for their VAX, Alpha or Itanium hardware for Individual use and education.

OpenVMS Training: PARSEC Group
As a certified partner of Hewlett Packard, PARSEC offers a full range of OpenVMS training courses. The Gold Standard
Current news, announcements, and feature articles of interest to OpenVMS users. Also contains interactive forums for job search and resume post.

OpenVMS: VAX-Alpha-IA64 (Neil Rieck)
MIT is the soul of OpenVMS Technology. Many resources for OpenVMS.

Polarfox VMS Portal
Information on the VMS operating system.

Robert’s OpenVMS Hobbyist Systems.
Software ported to OpenVMS, various OpenVMS documentation pages and OpenVMS public domain software archive.

Software Resources International
Offers software migration services. A VAX hardware emulation package is available, allowing a PC to install and run the VAX version of OpenVMS.

Undocumented OpenVMS features
OpenVMS features that never were documented by Digital.

Collection of VAX information and links.

VMS Tuning
Guidelines for optimizing VMS systems.

VMS Software Inc. Documentation
Documentation for the VSI OpenVMS operating system and layered products

Open source software to call OpenVMS system services from a Java environment.


DCL Basics
Using DCL commands for common tasks in OpenVMS.

DCL CGI Scripting
CGI programming in DCL for the DECThreads webserver.

DCL Dialogue Online
All the articles written by Kevin G. Barkes for DEC Professional and Digital Age magazines available online.

DCL Script Archive
Miscellaneous DCL scripts.

DCL Tips
Searchable archive of DCL hints.

Open DCL Lite
DCL emulation for Unix/GNU-Linux and Windows NT.

Open DCL Lite
Unix/GNU-Linux DCL emulator.