Oracle Rdb Newsletter – February 2021 (Doc ID 2763819.1)

Dear Oracle on OpenVMS Customers,

Welcome to Oracle Rdb Support’s Feb newsletter!

This is an update on product news for Oracle Rdb and the Oracle Database on OpenVMS. Since our last newsletter we have shipped 9 Oracle Rdb Product Family releases, 9 Oracle Database on OpenVMS PSUs, held 11 customer events around the world, and held numerous 1-1 customer meetings.

In this newsletter, we have information on all of these deliveries and activities. We will also give you a brief update on how you can run the Oracle Cloud, tell you about upcoming customer events and give you information on Oracle Rdb Training. We have also included information regarding the announcement that Oracle Database is the terminal Oracle Database release on OpenVMS.

Update on Oracle Rdb and the Oracle Database on OpenVMS in the Oracle Cloud:

As we reported in our last newsletter, it is possible today to run OpenVMS and both Oracle Rdb and the Oracle Database on OpenVMS in the Cloud. We have given multiple demonstrations of Oracle Rdb running in the Oracle Cloud at our Forums and Update Day events. It has also now been over a year that one of our Oracle Database customers has been successfully running their OpenVMS-based production applications in the Oracle Cloud. This customer is so pleased with their Oracle Cloud experience that they are now planning to move more of their on-prem operations to the Oracle Cloud.

This is made possible by running a virtual environment using the Stromasys or AVTWare Alpha emulators. In such environments, you can run on x86 based hardware which is a standard platform in the Cloud. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at

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