Solaris 11.4 SRU makes its way to Oracle Cloud

With a new release of the Solaris OS, Oracle has made it easier to deploy the 11.4 release. Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU 14 is in the Orace Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Marketplace. These Support Repository Updates, nearly monthly, continue to add features to the operating system that runs on SPARC hardware.

Oracle says the addition will make pre-built 11.4 SRU 14 images available, in addition to the Solaris 11.4 GA images previously available. Adding the image is another step in making the latest Solaris version an asset in the OCI.

Oracle also announced that with the update it’s also re-organized its listings.

Rather than the separate virtual machine and bare metal listings we made available previously, they’ve all been consolidated into a single Oracle Solaris 11.4 listing.  Within that listing, you can select the version of the image that you want to deploy.

The SRU adds functionality to Solaris for

  • perl modules for perl 5.26
  • rsyslog updates to 8.1907.0
  • Apache Tomcat updated to 8.5.45

There’s also notes at the Oracle support site that forecast the regular nature of changes on the SRU outpost. “We expect to update the Solaris listing on a regular basis with additional SRU’s,” the notice says. “Most likely we will update quarterly to align with the SRU’s that are designated as Critical Patch Updates (CPU’s).”

Solaris users who have a support contract for Oracle Solaris 11 Express have access to the support repository. The support repository provides updates to Solaris 11 Express.

Oracle has also posted details on how to use the command line interface for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “OCI makes use of virtualenv to provide an easy installation setup for any Unix-like operating system, including Solaris 11.4.  There are just a couple of extra things we need to do in order for it to work on Solaris.”

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