Solaris gains new features in support update

Oracle recently announced that the Solaris operating system is getting Support Repository Update (SRU) 27 for Oracle Solaris 11.4. It is available via ‘pkg update’ from the support repository, or by downloading the SRU from My Oracle Support Doc ID 2433412.1.

More details on how the Support Repositories work are at the Oracle support webpage explainer. The Support Repository requires a Customer Support Identifier with an appropriate Support Level for the Support Repository. The identifier ensures the ability to order the proper list of products and repositories to be displayed by the Oracle Certificate Request site.

To access the Oracle Solaris 11 Support Repository, a Support Level of Operating System is required.  You should ensure a CSI, which provides this Support Level, is associated with your account. Information on Support Levels resides at a webpage called How Patches and Updates Entitlement Works.

The SRU 27 includes a wide range of updates and repairs to the OS that drives the Solaris hardware. For example, the SRU mentions updates for

APR, updated to 1.7.0
FreeType, updated to 2.10.2
GCC 10, updated to 10.2
Nettle, updated to 3.5.1
Pillow, updated to 7.2.0
Rust, updated to 1.44.1
Samba, updated to 4.11.11

There is also new functionality in SRU 27. This update

  • Adds klog support to vsan and vdc
  • Adds the bandit python package into Solaris
  • Delivers tracker-miners for the OS

The release of the update also fixes a wide array of security problems. Just a sample of the list of updates to block vulnerabilities includes

Django, updated 2.2.16
Firefox, updated to 78.3.0esr
GnuTLS, updated to v3.6.14
Thunderbird, updated to 78.3.0
Wireshark, updated to 3.2.7
curl, updated to to 7.71.0
libX11, updated to 1.6.12
lua, updated to 5.4.0
mutt, updated to version 1.14.5
ntp, updated to 4.2.8p15
python 3.7, updated to 3.7.9

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