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Tru64 UNIX

Tru64 UNIX Online Documentation
– 5.1B5.1A5.14.0G5.0A5.04.0F
– Tru64 UNIX Software Development Tools and Documentation
– Tru64 Technical Updates

Tru64 Application Development
– Compaq C++Compaq CHP FortranKAP ToolsPascalData Access SoftwareDCPIDevelopers’ ToolkitDevelopers’ Toolkit SupplementJavaLadebug DebuggerMicro Focus COBOL Developers SuiteServer ExpressSpikeUPCVisual Threads

Integrated development Environment
– Enterprise Toolkit – UNIX Edition
– Compaq FUSE

Porting Guides
– Porting Assistant
– Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i Porting Guide, 5th Edition
– Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX 11i Porting Guide For PA-RISC and Itanium-based Systems

Migration Guides and Tools
– Solaris Compatibility Libraries
– Porting Assistant
– Tru64 UNIX / hp-ux

– ACMSxp
– Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)
– Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)


TruCluster Server Online Documentation
– 5.1B5.1A5.15.0A
– TruCluster Software 1.6
– TruCluster Software 1.5
– Technical Updates for TruCluster Releases

Other Tru64 Related Software

Advanced Server for UNIX online documentation
Software Product Description page Software Quickspec
Tru64 HPTC Software
High Performance Computing Solutions
Kernel Parameters Listing
Advanced Server for Tru64 UNIX
Device Driver Online Books
Digital Technical Journal Archives
Tru64 UNIX Supported Printers
Tru64 UNIX IPv6 Page
Tru64 UNIX Self-Assessment Guide
Alpha Graphics drivers
Internet Express
Internet Express/Open Source Internet Solutions Best Practices

Best Practices:

System Management
Cluster Management
Internet Express/Open Source Internet Solutions
Programming Topics
Insight Manager
Miscellaneous Topics

Tru64 Compatibility Lists
by: Hideaki Goto

SCSI Card Compatibility List
Graphic Card Compatibility List
GbE NIC Compatibility List

White Papers

Performance Tuning Tips for Web Servers
Performance Tuning Tips for InterNetNews Server
Configuring an Apache Virtual Server
Tuning Compaq Tru64 UNIX for Internet Servers