Valiant volunteers push forward with open source

Developers in the OpenVMS community are holding their latest monthly conference call on March 19. There’s plenty of work to do and not enough wizards. But that’s the case with most open source efforts that arise from the ranks of legacy system experts.

The call is being held at 8 AM Eastern Daylight Time, so adjust your schedules accordingly. The developers meet over Skype, starting this month. Signing into Skype and calling Bill Pedersen (william.a.pedersen) will give the meeting organizers a way to add you to the call.

Projects on the stove for the group include

Gnulib Assist: Software that will help the developers get Gnulib running on OpenVMS on Integrity servers. Glulib is a collection of software subroutines to make it easy for free software authors to make their software run on many operating systems. This is a crucial building block. HP 3000 MPE/iX users got their open source running in the late 1990s. The key was the ability to run the Gnu CC package so fundamentals like perl and Samba could make it onto the 3000s.

John Malmberg is in need of people to review and test his Gnulib Assist code. He also needs help with documentation as well as adding code where needed.

Samba: The file and resource sharing open source freeware is now in version 4.6.5. Samba’s updating is an example of how vendors like VMS Software Inc. (VSI) and the community move past HP’s work. The prior HP version was 3.0.28a. Pedersen reports that the OpenVMS community can expect an improved cluster-aware version by the time the Skype call takes place.

Samba I64 4.6.5D is available from VSI’s open source site. Pedersen says this version will install and run under HPE’s OpenVMS 8.4. The VSI open source kits are available at

Username: OPENKITS
Password: VSI#14kits <case sensitive=””>
IP Address:
Protocol : sftp</case>

sftp> ls
dr–r—– 1 ECOKITS VSI$GUEST 8704 Apr 19 2016 I64OPENSOURCE
-r–r–r– 1 OPENKITS VSI$GUEST 706 Jan 29 2019 README.TXT

sftp> cd i64opensource << change to integrity folder

Image by azboomer from Pixabay