Vendors backstop legacy emulation software

Back in 2013, some software companies felt confident about pigeon-holing emulation solutions for the HP 3000. “It’s early days,” said community vendors about the lifespan of the Charon emulator. They pointed to a lack of reference accounts. Some noted that no third parties were engaged to teach, train and support the virtualization solution.

But even then, more than six years ago, it was not early days —not according to Adager’s CEO Rene Woc, who leads the corporation whose products manage more ImageSQL customer databases than any other utility. Reports from their customers small, medium and very large reflected immediate adoption of the virtualized legacy server.

Woc reached for a Yogi Berra quote to guide his outlook. “The future ain’t what it used to be,” the Yankee catcher said. That’s especially apt when customers are gathering license data for MPE/iX application and utility software they are using with Charon. Or when they share their intentions, which is to keep MPE software running well into that future. The future is different than it used to be.

These are customers getting information about Adager’s license transfer plan. “It’s just another MPE machine,” Woc reported. “We are treating the emulator just like HP 3000 hardware.”

As has been well-chronicled by now, there’s no technical issues in this complete emulation. “Our customers didn’t come across any issues,” Woc said. Given the reputation of the Adager labs — a tight-knit group that uncovered the last, corruptive bug in IMAGE and alerted HP labs to spark a repair — as report from that vendor of “no problems” means Charon runs as expected.

Adager charges a $975 license transfer fee to move software from one HPSUSAN number that identifies the servers to another. The Adager software does not cross check with an HPCPUNAME, so moving the HPSUSAN to the emulated server, plus that transfer fee, covers the extent of Adager’s operations.

This is a vendor that 3000 users don’t have to negotiate with for an emulator-based license. One of many who see continuing business coming out of emulated 3000s.

“Our customers have made the decision to go ahead with it,” Woc said. “It’s beyond testing. It’s between decision and testing, and then putting it to work. We’ve gotten very encouraging signals from actual companies that are at different stages. People have moved on from their testing to ordering their license transfers [for Adager from us].”

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