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Attunity is a leading provider of enterprise data integration software. Using Attunity?s products, companies can seamlessly connect to data sources, stream data changes across the enterprise, and federate heterogeneous information to achieve a single view of their business. Employing a unique distributed architecture, Attunity software runs natively on OpenVMS, turning locked data silos into an efficient Information Grid. The result is significantly enhanced performance and reduced cost of ownership.

BridgeHead Software

Building Block Computers
BBC has been selling new and pre-owned DEC/Compaq Alpha hardware for 13 years.

Compact Data Works
Compact Data Works provides storage solution software utilizating advanced data compression technology. BacPac software allows extremely fast remote backup and disk copying without the need for clustering. FCX is the premier data compression software for production and mission critical environments. NetExplorer is the VMS explorer and file manager which runs on Windows.

Computer Communications Limited (UK)


Ericom Software

ISE EnterpriseSCHEDULE & EnterpriseBACKUP

Island Computers
Island specializes in the resale of HP (Compaq, DEC) Alpha Systems and related parts. We offer the best prices, the longest warranty and advanced parts replacement of product worldwide. Our customers include General Electric, NASA, European Space Agency, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Lockheed Martin and the US Navy to name but a few. We are absolutely certain that once you’ve dealt with us, You’ll be a repeat customer.

PL/I compiler for OpenVMS for both VAX and Alpha and Tru64 UNIX.

Keyways, Inc.

MSI – Migration Specialties International
Founded in 1992, Migration Specialties provides OpenVMS, hardware emulation, and software migration services. We are the sole source for RPG under OpenVMS and the CBL DIBOL to C translator. Our site offers a wealth of information on OpenVMS, OpenVMS porting, application migration and conversion, and hardware emulation.

Mimer SQL
The Mimer SQL product family consists of three DBMS products: Mimer SQL Engine to build-in in standard applications, Mimer SQL Mobile solutions for mobile devices, Mimer SQL Embedded for tailor-made solutions. Common to all members of the Mimer SQL family is their ease-of-use, high availability and zero maintenance. Mimer SQL is available on OpenVMS, Unix (incl. Linux) and Windows. A free developer’s version of Mimer SQL Engine for OpenVMS can be downloaded from

MVP Systems, Inc.

Nemonix, Inc.
NEMONIX Engineering Inc. offers engineered CPU performance upgrades for VAX platforms from MicroVAX to the 7000 series, 100MB Ethernet Controllers for VAX. direct to XMI SCSI controllers for VAX, upgrades that increase memory capability on VAXstation and MicroVAX’s from 128MB to 512MB, depot level Module repair services for VAX, PDP11, CPU, memory, and standard modules along with hardware locator services for hard to find Digital/VAX product.

Networking Dynamics Corporation

PointSecure, Inc.
PointSecure, Inc. is a provider of best of breed security solutions for enterprise business systems. Through the acquisition of established products and the development of new products, the Company’s focus is providing our customers with world-class products and services.

Popejoy Solutions, Inc.
Popejoy Solutions, Inc. is a woman owned and operated business providing solutions, consulting, training and technical writing for all sizes of companies as well as training for individuals.

Process Software
Process Software is a premier supplier of infrastructure software solutions to mission-critical environments. The company’s products include MultiNet and TCPware (TCP/IP stacks for OpenVMS), SSH for OpenVMS (security application which runs on HP TCP/IP Services), and PMDF (a high performance messaging solution).

RAXCO Software
For over 25 years, Raxco Software has been a leading provider of system administration software and resource management solutions for medium- to large-sized organizations as well as home users around the world. Raxco is the leading third-party supplier of OpenVMS system management software. Raxco also makes award-winning utilities for Windows operating system.

Robert Gezelter Software Consultant

Salem Automation Inc.
Salem Automation offers VMS programming services either on an hourly basis or via a fixed price project. Many Fortune 500 and government organizations have used Salem Automation’s VMS programming services for data handling and process control. In-depth expertise available for migration to newer technologies.

Server Parts Ltd (UK)

Softlab Ltd.
Softlab Ltd offers OpenVMS consultancy, maintenance and support services to organisations within the UK and Europe at competitive prices. Click on the Softlab name to view a list of our services.

Software Engineering of America (SEA)
Software Partners has been offering VMS storage products since 1983. TAPESYS is the premier tape management/backup/restore product with more features than even mainframe tape management systems. THRUway enables backup, restore, and general file access across networked nodes without the cost and overhead of clustering.

Stromasys, Inc.
Stromasys is the original and leading provider of enterprise-class cross-platform virtualization solutions for PDP-11, Digital VAX and Alpha, HP 3000, and SPARC servers. The company extends the life cycle of business and mission-critical applications through virtualization, modernization, and system enhancement.

Swiftbase International
We make it perform for Banks, Hospitals, Travel Companies, Distributors, Internet companies, on Local and Global projects. Whatever your VMS needs we are dedicated and cost effective solution providers.

VX Company Managed Services

XDelta Limited
We design, implement, support and trouble-shoot mission critical systems and infrastructure. Systems that keep working 24×7, even while they’re being worked on.

XLNsystems, Inc.
XLNsystems supplies Professional Software Services, Project Management, and Software Products to governmental and private sector clients. Over 65% of XLN?s business is OpenVMS for both VAX and ALPHA environments. More than ninety-seven percent (97%) of our clients were so pleased with our services that they elected to rehire XLN for additional projects. XLN has private sector business partners and holds the federal government GSA schedule and the State of Ohio State Term Schedule.