VMS open source work drives into summer months

The small band of OpenVMS devotees meets this Thursday June 18 to swap notes on open source work for the legacy OS. At 11 p.m. EDT, a conference call will bring together veteran VMS experts like Bill Pederson, John Malmberg, and Jean-François Piéronne, among others. Piéronne is working on Python 3.10, says a report on the latest meeting, “bringing forward a patch to Python that makes it set up the exit character so it more properly follows Python’s operation on Unix and Linux.

The conference calls use JITSI, which Pedersen reports handles all of the call processing through a web browser. “We have tested JITSI with Firefox, Edge, and Chrome on Windows, and Chome/Chromium on Linux,” Pedersen says. “We do not plan on using video, although we may share items from desktops.”

To attend Thursday evening’s conference call, point one of the above browsers at https://vleegert.nano.tudelft.nl:8443/OpenVMS

To bring new attendees up to speed, the group also hosts audio recordings from its prior meetings. The one for May is now available.

From May’s meeting, Malmberg reports continued progress on gnuLIB Assist library, including talk of “how we might move forward with more assistance.” Since the conference call, Malmberg has  completed the updated name translation facility for OpenVMSto Unix/Linux, as well as the Unix/Linux to OpenVMS. Work is moving onward to implementing wrappers. Malmberg confirmed that wrapper work from prior routines will be in this library. New wrappers will specifically address issues dealing with the file name issues.

Pedersen is working on Samba I64 4.6.5E from VSI’s open-source site. Plans are to run the file sharing tool under HPE OpenVMS 8.4. The Samba version supports clustering. He’s also looking at the make facility, “as it seems to be the next big issue given that it has OpenVMS-specific code which is executing even under BASH, and this is causing an issue with build.”

Ken Woolridge says he’s built a program for OpenVMS “which completes the file name similar to TOPS-10. It is available on SourceForge under the project “VMS-Software.”

Work on the open source tools and routines often employs the VSI open source kits. The software is available at the VSI website, employing the username OPENKITS with a case-sensitive password of  VSI#14kits
Hostname is vsiftp.vmssoftware.com
IP Address:
Protocol : sftp

Meetings of the group for following months to come will be on July 16 at 8 a.m EDT and on August 20 at 11 p.m. EDT.

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay



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