VMS Software, Inc. Acquires All OpenVMS Support Business from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

October 24, 2019 – As part of its exiting the OpenVMS market, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) has sold the rights to all its support contract renewals to VMS Software, Inc. (VSI). Both HPE OpenVMS (V8.4 and earlier) and VSI OpenVMS (V8.4-1h1 and higher) contract renewals were sold to VSI. When combined with news earlier this year that HPE had stopped selling all new VSI upgraded license products and new VSI support contracts, this means that HPE has divested the controlling rights of the OpenVMS operating system solely to VSI.

OpenVMS customers who have support contracts through VSI will experience no changes. For those OpenVMS customers who currently have support contracts through HPE, there will be an explanation of the simple transition process from both VMS Software, Inc. and HPE.

Since HPE (then HP) announced their plans in 2013 to exit the OpenVMS Operating System, they have demonstrated a willingness to work with VSI to ensure a smooth transition based on customer requirements and satisfaction. As you can see from the historical information below, both companies have tried to live up to this commitment.

2013 – HPE announces that it is exiting the OpenVMS business by 2020.
2014 – VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) formed in 2014 under the Teracloud Corporation group of companies. VSI located its HQ in Bolton, MA near the original Digital Equipment Corporation Headquarters.
2015 – VSI introduces its first upgraded Integrity license product V8.4-1h1 and its 4 levels of VSI Support.
2016 – VSI introduces three additional Integrity licenses with VSI Support. Also, announces VSI Professional Services & OpenVMS Training.
2017 – VSI introduces two new Alpha licenses to help modernize Alpha systems. (V8.4-2L1 and V8.4-2L2 Performance Build). VSI announces the opening of its Malmo, Sweden facility.
2018 – HPE ends sales of older HPE OpenVMS licenses.
2019 – VSI Announces its latest roadmap for its x-86 products with scheduled V9.2 production release in December 2020.
2019 – HPE discontinues all resales of VSI OpenVMS on June 30, 2019
2019 – VSI acquires all OpenVMS Support Business from HPE on September 9, 2019

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