VMS Software lays out new roadmap

The latest webinar from VMS Software Inc. has updated the roadmap for the company’s OpenVMS releases. It’s the x86 version of the operating system that’s drawn the most attention to the independent firm. VMS Software Inc. (VSI) was created by Teradata Corporation to create new versions of OpenVMS. The company is also selling support services for the operating system, replacing HP Enterprise support services since the vendor will be taking over support renewals as of this summer.

The technology effort is led by CTO Clair Grant, whose experience goes back to the first migration from of VMS from VAX processors to Digital’s Alpha chips. Grant also led OpenVMS from Alpha to Itanium. Terry Holmes, VP of Marketing at VSI, chaired an early November webinar that answered questions from VMS users. The depth of the user questions was significant, including one about the security in the cloud for the new x86 version of the OS. “It’s certainly our intention for it to be safe to run in the cloud,” Holmes said.

Holmes stressed that support services from VSI are focused exclusively on OpenVMS. “We encourage you to remain with HP Enterprise in terms of your hardware support for the OpenVMS environment,” he said. “They continue to offer it and will do so for quite some time to come.” He added that customers who’d like an independent support option for their OpenVMS hardware can contact VSI for references.

An Early Adopters Kit of version 9.0 OpenVMS is targeted for early 2020. Partners and ISVs have received crosstools and are providing “valuable feedback on the Early Adopter Kit,” Holmes said. A small set of software vendors, partners, and some customers will get 9.0 when it’s first available.

Being eligible for 9.0 “depends on your current environment and how well the match is between where we are in our development and what your environment is currently running on,” for the x86 release. A “very fluid and dynamic situation” might first deliver a 9.0 release in January, but the functionality of the release might not fit with a customer until several months later.

In the second half of 2020, VSI anticipates a General Release of an Early Adopters Kit for the x86 OpenVMS. This is being called version 9.1, “available to all customers and partners for testing, approximately a year in advance of the production release.” The production release of OpenVMS, engineered for both Itanium and x86 systems, is scheduled for the second half of 2021.