VMS Software Releases Roadmap Updates

Dear VMS Nation,

VSI has released the first of two OpenVMS V9.1 for x86 Field Test versions, plus two Update Kits. With each release, we continue to focus on stability, reliability and extensibility while working to improve core operating system functionality and stability, network infrastructure, debugger and compilers, layered products, and support for hardware and virtual environments.

With the recent release of OpenVMS V9.1 for x86 Field Test release, VSI OpenVMS customers, partners, and ISVs now have access to the most up-to-date operating system and layered product improvements.

Our next release of OpenVMS will be V9.1-A for x86 Field Test. It will include support for the HPE DL380 (Gen 9 and Gen 10) server using Fibre channel and SAN configurations as well as support for a variety of network interfaces.

VSI expects to release OpenVMS V9.1-A for x86 Field Test on September 30, 2021. This release will add more system components and Open Source products, moving the total environment closer to the V9.2 content. Visit OpenVMS V9.1 page for additional information as we get closer to release.

After our release of OpenVMS V9.1-A, our focus will be on V9.2 for X86. We have moved this next release to the CY2022 timeframe, this is to ensure we meet the highest standards of quality expected from an OpenVMS release. We, at VSI, want to continue providing a complete operating system with the right tools and technologies to support our customers. Our continuing focus will be stability, reliability, and extensibility in support of all production environments.

VSI will continue to provide an OpenVMS installation ISO kit for the HPE DL380 and Virtual Box, KVM, and VMware hypervisor guest instances.

We are looking forward to your continuing support and we are excited about the future of OpenVMS.

Learn more about updates here: vmssoftware.com/about/roadmap

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