VSI website forum reaches for VMS questions

The creators of the software which puts a new version of VMS on Intel x86 servers is inviting VMS users to its forum. VMS Software Inc. (VSI) reached out recently to the comp.os.vms newsgroup to recruit managers relying on OpenVMS.

Dave Sweeney, Chief Customer Advocate at VSI, says the engineers there are more likely to review questions about the OS posted on the VSI forum.

VMS Software, Inc. invites all comp.os.vms users to also participate in the VSI OpenVMS forum at forum.vmssoftware.com. While occasionally VSI employees read and post on comp.os.vms, the VSI forum is the best place to interact with VSI about OpenVMS. You are welcome to start topics on the products and issues most important to you in the forum. VSI would also appreciate you sharing your OpenVMS experiences and expertise with the forum to the global OpenVMS community.

The VSI forum has been up and running since mid-2019. Its question board is wide-ranging, and some content is recent. Recording reports from the MONITOR PROC/TOPCPU, to see what processes are using the CPU, is among August’s advice.

VSI acquired the OpenVMS business from HP in 2014. The company has worked for more than five years to develop a version of the OS that runs on Intel-based x86 hardware. Along the way, it’s gathered dozens of OpenVMS experts. It’s important for VSI to keep as close a contact as possible with OpenVMS community. VSI is building OpenVMS 9, but it also operates support services for VMS-using companies.

The 9.1 version of the VSI-brand OpenVMS has problems with its OpenSSH kit. Such services are being introduced, module by module, in the newest OpenVMS. To its credit, VSI looks devoted to answering questions about such failures of these pieces. Last month, Sweeney posted a report of the failure, along with a workaround, for a 1.0 update kit. VSI has been transparent about its development and plans during its build process.

VSI’s VMS forum does not yet match the breadth of topics posted for decades on comp.os.vms. Hewlett-Packard worked on such an alternative to a comp.os.mpe public newsgroup for the HP 3000. But during the 1990s, the trend was to keep these resources limited to paying support customers. VSI has a free forum with open access.

Photo by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels

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